Partnership with BridgeBio on Genetic Diseases

The University of Pittsburgh has launched a new partnership with BridgeBio to accelerate the development of breakthrough therapies for genetic diseases and cancers with clear genetic drivers. Through this partnership, Pitt faculty will have the opportunity to propose research collaborations aligned to BridgeBio’s areas of interest.

Pitt faculty are invited to indicate their partnering interests via an exclusive RFP. Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis and should be sent to OIEP. The Innovation Institute will review applications prior to their submission to BridgeBio.

BridgeBio’s areas of interest include:

  • Diseases with a genetic basis – e.g., Mendelian disorders, repeat expansion diseases, cancers driven by genomic translocation or gain-of-function allele.
  • Therapy directly targets or compensates for the underlying genetic target – e.g., directly inhibits a gain-of-function protein, replaces a loss-of-function protein, or directly activates a homolog of the defective protein.

Learn more about BridgeBio.

For more information, please contact OIEP.