For Faculty

The Office of Industry and Economic Partnerships (OIEP) provides a variety of services to support faculty in working with industry, identifying industry funding opportunities and commercializing your idea.  The staff at OIEP specializes in building partnerships with industry and supporting those in the Pitt research community who wish to commercialize their innovations. Our focus is to support you through every step involved in building a partnership or commercializing your idea that works for you, Pitt and the partner.

Working with Industry

Research collaboration with industry partners are ways you can mobilize discoveries, outside of academia, and take advantage of the benefits of working with industry. Learn more about the how and why of working with industry, working with OIEP, and browse FAQs.

Industry Partnering Interests

The Industry Partnering Interests Library gives you access to our industry partners' areas of interest; including therapeutic areas, indications, modalities, etc. The featured presentations are being collected through direct interactions with Pitt’s industry partners. Focus areas include, but are not limited to, immuno-oncology, neuroscience, ophthalmology and rare diseases.

Industry Funding Opportunities

We can connect you with industry funding opportunities that will bring research ideas and collaboration opportunities to life. Learn more about what is available from industry, regional, national, and international organizations that can help fund your research. Explore industry funding opportunities.

Commercializing Your Idea

The commercialization of inventions/technology that begin inside innovative research labs is a way to extend the value of research and drive societal benefit. Commercialization pathways for research include licensing, starting a company and collaborating with industry.

Partnering News & Information

News and information related to industry partnerships with Pitt.